The Pixel Cat is an entry for the April 2018  Bitsy Jam.

Directions: Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.

Game Description: Neko is lost and must find out where to go. He is searching for something, but needs your help to figure what it is. Features fateful choices, a puzzle area, health system, dangerous traps, secrets, and cats.

Dev Log: I worked on the game on and off during the weekend and Monday (about three days). I tried to keep it simple, but I ran out of time once again on this jam. I had to cut one area out and shorten another major path in the story. I also wanted to add more details and interactions. 

*Spoilers* My idea was to branch paths according to how many hearts you had left. If you go through the sewers you can actually get a lot of different endings depending on how many hearts you have left and how you answer the questions. 

The avatar was originally a cat figure, but I didn't like how the cat was only facing one way so I changed it so it was facing forwards. I didn't want to create the levels going only in one direction.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLucky Pixel
Made withBitsy
Tags8-Bit, Bitsy, bitsyjam, Cats, Pixel Art


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This is really cool!!


wow you made so many different endings! i think i got all of them tho :P i really loved being like "wait what?!" for the sewer bosses and all those ending we're pretty sweet.. the family ones made me sad tho :( why couldnt pixel cat be happy.. but at least we know pixel cat has a lot of different cat friends that needed "rescuing" ;D

The family ending was a tough choice to make. Thanks for playing!

This is very good! Huge world to explore... Did you made the alphabet yourself? (By the way there's a typo at the starting screen : "PPRESS PLAY!")


I made the letters myself and I didn't even notice the typo on the title screen haha Thanks!

Might be because of the jam STPESS ;p